Silver Hoop Earrings Medium


$190.00 SGD


ESSENTIALS COLLECTION: What is a mountain without a peak? A river without fluidity? The Essential collection aims to grace hands, necks and ears with daily staples we hope will become part of your nature. Suitable for any mood, these lightweight beauties fit like a second skin and intend to reflect your inner essence.

A happy medium - a complete circle, flat hoops light enough to wear all day. Handmade in recycled silver with an understated matte finish.

Designed to pull open and to the side, in one clean circular form. Flirts well with our mini hinged hoops on ears with multiple piercings.

  • recycled 925 silver, matte finish
  • diameter 6cm, width 4mm, thickness 0.7mm 

Care Tip: Wash with clean water to remove residual elements and gently pat dry before storing away.

Each pair of earrings is placed in a reusable soft jewellery pouch.

Handmade in Bali


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