Glow2Go Set - Limited Edition


$45.00 SGD $85.00 SGD


Rose-Marie’s magic 3, packed for the holiday season in a perfect gift set ($85 value). Featuring the award-winning RMS Beauty Living Luminizer and Tinted Daily Lip Balm Minis, plus the new full-size Straight Up™ Mascara.
The RMS Beauty Living Luminizer brings light to the surface of face and body. The Tinted Daily Lip Balm adds a sweet, hydrating hint of colour to lips and cheeks, while the Straight Up™ Mascara gives a big, high-volume, curl shaping lash lift. 
Glow2Go Set includes:

Straight Up™ Volumizing Peptide Mascara (full size) 10ml: Blackest Black

Living Luminizer (deluxe mini) 2g: An ultra-sheer, lit-from-within, natural glow.

'Passion Lane' Tinted Daily Lip Balm (deluxe mini) 1.2g: Elegant pink with a hint of shimmer.


    Apply Living Luminizer to highlight elevated areas such as cheekbones, bridge of nose, inner eye corners, and cupid's bow.
    For wide awake eyes, hold Straight Up™ Volumizing Peptide Mascara brush horizontally coating each lash with natural nourishing ingredients. For more volume, apply additional coats.
    Finish with a moisture rich flush of colour and hydration to lips and cheeks using Tinted Daily Lip Balm.
    . Raw Food Grade Organic Ingredients . Skincare with Mineral Colour . Rated Safest Cosmetic Line by EWG USA . Winner of ELLE "Best Beauty Product" . Winner of ALLURE "Best Of Beauty" .
    Made in USA

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