Brightening Brush


$23.00 SGD

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A secret weapon for sensuously highlighting those special little features on the face. Use this brush to specifically apply the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer or "Un" Cover-up concealers more precisely to those intimate locations on your face that otherwise may be hard to reach with fingers alone.
Can also be used as a lip brush to precisely apply lipsticks and Lip2Cheeks on-the-go with its retractable feature.


This small tapered brush is perfect to highlight the inner eye corners (near the L-shaped tear duct), down the bridge of the nose (for the appearance of a longer, slimmer nose) and the bow of the lips (to give the illusion of a sexy, pouty mouth). Use this delicate, retractable brush together with any of the RMS Beauty Luminizers to highlight these areas.
Use with the  "Un" Cover-up concealer for more targeted, pinpoint concealing of blemishes.
Apply Lip2Cheek precisely with this brush especially when lining the lips.
. Raw Food Grade Organic Ingredients . Skincare with Mineral Colour . Rated Safest Cosmetic Line by EWG USA . Winner of ELLE "Best Beauty Product" . Winner of ALLURE "Best Of Beauty" .

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