Extra Clean Laundry Soaker & Stain Remover


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Ecostore's most powerful formulation with PlantActive™ enzymes to tackle a broad range of stains and brighten whites. Excellent results guaranteed every time.

Plant-derived enzymes give the soaker 25% - 45%* more stain fighting power for stubborn stains including grass, spaghetti and sauces. Use to pre-soak items before machine washing or add our soaker to your wash cycle when extra strength cleaning is required. Ensure powder is dissolved completely in warm water before soaking garments. Avoid applying soaker directly to garments. *Compared to an equal amount of original Ecostore product.

Being free of potentially irritating ingredients like optical brighteners and synthetic fragrance means our soaker is more gentle on your skin and suitable for those with sensitive skin or allergies (use Ecostore's Wool & Delicates Wash for Merino or delicate items).

Performance: Ecostore Extra Clean Laundry Soaker & Stain Remover has been independently benchmarked against the market leader to ensure excellent results. 

Renewable Sugarcane Plastic (NZ): Bottle is made from renewable sugarcane plastic, which is 100% recyclable and helps to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Use a Little, Save a Lot: Safely super concentrated with no unnecessary fillers or bulking agents to give the perception of better value. To help you get the best value, we recommend using a standard tablespoon to measure usage, helping you get the most washes per pack:

920g = 23 washes

Environment: The ingredients in Ecostore Laundry Soaker are suitable for septic tanks. To re-use the wash-water (grey water) on your flower gardens, lawns or trees, dilute 1 part wash-water to 3 parts water.

Note: Water that’s been used for soaking nappies is not suitable for re-use on your garden, lawns and trees because of potential contamination from fecal matter (yes, we really mean baby poo).

Manufacturing:  Made in New Zealand to the strictest environmental standards in their ISO14001, Enviromark Diamond and CarboNZero certified factory.


Fragrance Free

. NO Synthetic Perfumes · NO Optical Brighteners · NO Phosphates .

Made in New Zealand - 920g

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