Facet Bottom Hoops Gold


$96.00 SGD


Kyler's famous hand made hammered hoops: designer hoop earrings made of recycled gold fill, with a modern, geometric take on a classic dewdrop shape.

Modern and minimalist, lightweight but rich in texture, strength and shine where the hammer left its marks. They're so comfortable you might forget you're wearing them. But no one else will. 

  • 14k gold fill*
  • approx 67mm (2 5/8") in length 
  • as worn by Eva Longoria
  • hand made in San Francisco

*Gold fill is a manufacturing process which results in a gold surface about 100 times thicker than conventional gold plating. In appearance Kyler's jewellery produced with 14 karat gold fill is identical to jewellery produced with 14 karat solid gold. The only way to tell them apart visually - even for a jeweller - is by the stamping indicating it is gold fill not solid gold. Gold fill is extremely unlikely to "wear off" and is considered fine quality, unlike base metal costume jewellery.

Made in USA

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