Friendship Healing Band - Pink Jade


$49.00 SGD


A new addition to the SunMoonRain’s classic signature bracelet collection is the more casual, fun-loving Friendship Healing Band. Hand-woven with organic bamboo cotton, these friendship bands are given a positivity boost with healing energy beads incorporated. Mix and match them into a pretty stack for that perfect boho-chic vibe. Or make them special gifts for friends who have a flower child in them.

This combination includes Pink Jade, with a silver sunflower clasp. Length 17cm.

Stone Qualities

Jade - A stone of serenity & purity, Jade soothes the mind, releasing negative thoughts. Increases love & nurturing. Attracts good luck & protects. Facilitates peace & harmony between the mental, physical, emotional & spiritual planes.

SunMoonRain bracelets are cleansed to rid the stones from any impurities or negativity as well as to rebalance and recharge the stones energies. We harbour the power of Mother Nature in our cleansing process and simply leave them outside overnight to bath in the moonlight and out in the morning to soak up the sun's positive energy. We recommend doing the same every now and then.

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