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ILIA Lipsticks combine organic ingredients with contemporary colours blended into a creamy semi-matte finish. Mix with ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioners to moisten lips and revive colours and in between re-application.

Around The World: A rose hue with a strong lavender undertone. Around The World’s creation came about for all those wishing to wear a purple shade which we believe can be worn by nearly everyone! A great pop of colour that will wake up the lips and enliven the soul.

Femme Fatale: The sultry shades of berry and burgundy blend together into this deep, rich hue. Femme Fatale awakens your desires and exudes a seductive quality that we’ve been told is irresistible.

Funnel Of Love: Iconic and always a la mode, Funnel of Love channels the hues of a soft nude with peachy undertones. Our inspiration hails from the much sought after look of Brigitte Bardot, a true beauty and forerunner in expressing sensuality.

Humble Me: You long to find the ultimate nude that will fade those lips into oblivion. Subtle and silent to the world, Humble Me carries honey-brown tones to neutralize and disguise even the most promiscuous lip.

In My Room: A shade for every skin tone, In My Room’s soft tones of pink and brown make this the perfect go to for a dressed down pout. * 100% natural dye *

Ink Pot: Its name is reflective of its colour. A violent, violet hue that leans itself away from the rest, standing out on its own as a bold, unique shade. Ink Pot can be worn at full throttle for an rich intense hue, or lightly for a berry stain. 

Neon Angel: A bold lip will always make a statement, more so when worn on its own. Neon Angel is magenta in its true form and classic at that.

Perfect Day: A warm, toned down coral red, soft enough to blend into any Fall palette.

Pink Kashmir: Inspired by the colours of India and Pakistan, Pink Kashmir is our stand-out shade for the summer season. The cool undertones of this electric pink can be dimmed down in intensity when blended with lighter colours.

Strike It Up: Saturated with blue undertones, Strike It Up is the brand’s most classic true red to date. This statement-making shade elevates, impacts, and instantly adds a serious shot of colour to any look.

Voila: A burst of orange brings vitality and flair! Boost your energy with this season's limited edition lipstick, Voilà. A bright tangerine hue keeps your pout on trend this summer and embodies the true nature of its colour - uninhibited, adventurous and free!

Wild Child: I see red! A bright one! Wild Child is a high impact shade. A warm, fiery red that will command a second look. 

Made in USA - 4g

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