Silver Baroque Pearl Amulet + Necklace


$133.00 SGD


FOUND COLLECTION: An evolving collection that beckons the nostalgia of finding keepsakes the ocean left out for us under the sun. It is a nudging reminder to behold the abundance that surrounds us. The wabi-sabi beauty of the amulets call to its odyssey; a collision of waves and wind as it finds its way pressed into sandy shores.

Baroque freshwater pearl with silver and lilac overtones to wear on its own or with our shell amulets, for love to follow. Each pearl is irregularly shaped and unique, just like there will never be another you. It’s the perfect reminder to hold close to the heart.

Pair this with Breathe, Trust, Be, Love Amulets.

All chains are recycled silver plated with 18k gold and designed for layering and stringing singular or multiple amulets.

Ball Chain Necklace: Elegantly, dainty fine stud chain necklace - a versatile everyday companion.

  • 18k gold plated over recycled silver
  • chain length adjustable: 22" / 57cm (extender 1.9" / 5cm)

    Rolo Chain Necklace: Long dainty gold chain necklace - wearable everyday and looks exquisite as a statement piece worn on the outside or quietly on the inside (layers well with shorter strands). 

    • 18k gold plated over recycled silver
    • chain length adjustable: 30" / 76cm (extender 2" / 6cm)

    Care Tip: Wash with clean water to remove residual elements and gently pat dry before storing away.

    Includes a reusable soft jewellery pouch.

    Handmade in Bali

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