2+O® ethos is to create well designed, comfortable apparel featuring high quality, sustainable fabrics for everyday wear. Designed in California and based in Singapore, the brand pairs eco-friendly fibres with gender-neutral designs to create timeless style.

Using renewable materials such as bamboo, cotton (including GOTS certified cotton) and Tencel™, 2+O® is driven to offer functional comfort for everyone in their distinct relaxed style. Bamboo and Tencel are both a type of lyocell, derived from plants and turned into textile as part of a closed loop system – a production process the brand appreciates because it addresses waste during manufacturing.

With raw materials sourcing and manufacturing occurring in Asia, 2+O® keeps transportation miles to a minimum, hence keeping their carbon footprint as lean as possible.

From sourcing to manufacturing and packaging, they have been careful to make their supply chain process as green as possible. As a fashion business, they realise that it is the second most polluting industry in the world, and see themselves as a participant in the slow fashion movement.
Each year, a portion of their profits is donated to a charity that is important to them. 2+O® is a proud supporter of Beyond Social Services – a Voluntary Welfare Organisation that helps to raise disadvantaged children and youths in a positive environment.
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