At QLOTHÈ (pronounced: klo-they), they produce contemporary pieces with an eclectic charm, finding the most gorgeous and sustainable fabrics to craft collections that tell a story for the people who make them, and the people who wear them.

From 2019, QLOTHÈ reimagines its brand with sustainability at the core of everything they do: from the fabrics they use, to ensuring the welfare of the people they work with.

Each collection is special - they are inspired by the stories of the people around us, and crafted using sustainably sourced fibres that aren't evil to our environment while 
creating silhouettes that make remarkable look effortless.

Saving the planet is more than just making sustainable womenswear, it's a lifestyle. For every QLOTHÈ piece purchased, they'll plant a tree in areas of need with their Buy a Piece, Plant a Tree programme.

"...come save the planet with us and look damn good doing it."