Scientifically Validated Organic Beauty™ - 
Antipodes is a science-based company spending years in research and development with top experts to create their high-performance anti-ageing products. Their commitment to in-depth scientific investigation is giving women the confidence to make positive choices – to apply skincare that is not only certified organic and premium natural, but also results-orientated. Antipodes' recyclable packaging contains bioactive New Zealand botanical ingredients and scientifically validated skin solutions.
Connect with Nature® Premium plant oils like nutrient-rich avocado oil carry potent bioactive skin-enhancing ingredients from New Zealand nature like manuka honey, harekeke flax, mamaku black fern and pohutukawa bloom. Independent government organic certification is proof of many of the products’ authentic organic status, and the range is certified safe for vegetarians by the esteemed UK Vegetarian Society.
Antipodes is pioneering an exciting new niche in skincare globally: natural formulations with scientifically validated performance. Impressive results from independent third-party in-vitro investigations prove that synthesis of collagen is significantly stimulated in human fibroblast skin cells in key Antipodes® products by at least 51%, and rising right through to 92%.
Antipodes continues to win multiple beauty and health industry awards, as well as rave reviews from the editors of international fashion, lifestyle and beauty magazines. Celebrity devotees of Antipodes include actress Evangeline Lilly, top UK model Cara Delevingne and businesswoman/model Elle MacPherson. Jessica Biel treated herself to Antipodes skincare during a recent shopping sojourn in Auckland with husband Justin Timberlake.