UnCover-up Concealer


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Formulated to reveal and enhance healthier looking skin … not just cover it up. This lightweight, concentrated cream concealer works as an under eye corrector plus hides redness and imperfections on the skin. Clean formula provides a buildable, natural finish.
This creamy concealer uses auto-adjusting minerals to cover with pigment rather than weight. Flexible, buildable formula can be buffed on for a sheer look or pressed into skin for full, imperceptible coverage that never dries out or settles in pores.
Use as a foundation or a light concealer, it provides even coverage for flawless looking skin that will never look heavy or dry. Moisturizes and heals, resulting in a beautiful second skin. 

00: A light shade for fair skin.

11: Ivory with slight golden base.

11.5: A buff beige with neutral undertones.

22: Our biggest seller. This shade is great for light-medium skin tones.
22.5: A cool buff beige.
33: A warm beige.
33.5: A warm tawny peach.
44: A medium honey with cool undertones.
Please note: 11.5, 22.5, 33.5 are also great to use as under eye correctors, depending on skin tone.
Shades 55 to 122 are available for pre-orders. Please call or email us for more details and availability.


To wear UnCover-up concealer all over the complexion, apply with your fingers or use with the RMS Beauty Sponge for the best application. Dot product on face, then blend and blur using the sponge for maximum control.
For a matte look or for very oily skin types, set with RMS Beauty UnPowder.
UnCover-up shades will self-adjust to your skin tone if they are not an exact match due to the mineral pigments used.
Please avoid using synthetic and/or chemical laden moisturizers under RMS Beauty products and opt for a more natural/organic one. RMS Beauty Oil was created to work synergistically with all RMS Beauty products, especially the UnCover-up (works beautifully to prep skin before makeup application).
For under eye and dark circles:
Use your ring finger (the gentlest to apply with) to firmly swipe your shade of UnCover-up concealer into the inner corner of the eye, pressing in against the bridge of the nose where there is the most discolouration. Apply any excess product on the outer corner of the eye to give this area a lift.
Make sure to work the mineral pigments completely into the skin - this will ensure flawless coverage and staying power throughout the day.
Shades 11.5, 22.5 and 33.5 were made for colour-correcting blue or purplish tones and are perfect for this area.
For blemishes:
For a healed, older blemish, UnCover-up concealer will give you amazing coverage without exacerbating any flakiness. Apply directly onto blemish with your finger - or for more targeted, pinpoint concealing, use the RMS Beauty Brightening Brush.
For a new, red or angry blemish, build up coverage as needed by layering UnCover-up concealer with UnPowder for extra coverage and a blurring effect.
For redness:
For smaller areas of redness, apply UnCover-up concealer with your ring finger, alternating between patting and swiping motions - patting to build up coverage, swiping to thin out and spread the product.

Rose-Marie's Top Tip

“I am known in the industry for creating really beautiful skin. This all came about from my work on set. Using my UnCover-up concealer, I created skin that looked natural no matter what light the models were standing in. Whether it was synthetic or natural sunlight, I wanted it to always look like their skin. The UnCover-up concealer did just that! It covered any imperfections on the face without looking like anything was there at all.”
. Raw Food Grade Organic Ingredients . Skincare with Mineral Colour . Rated Safest Cosmetic Line by EWG USA . Winner of ELLE "Best Beauty Product" . Winner of ALLURE "Best Of Beauty" .
Made in USA - 5.67g

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