Resonance Robe


$185.00 SGD


Wrap yourself in a Resonance Robe, a silky soft blanket of love. You can feel safe and protected in a shield of luxurious fabric that is as kind on your skin as it is to the planet. If you need a little extra coziness you can cinch up the neckline or just relax as it hangs delicately on your shoulders. The Resonance Robe measures 28" from neckline down the backside.

Feel how the Labradorite gemstone opens the Throat Chakra to remove stress, thoughtlessness and any internal lack of integrity while it brings out a strong and courageous voice from deep within your core.

Our Resonance Robe collection is made with gorgeous chantilly lace and eco-friendly fabrics treated with plant based dyes to protect your skin. All gemstones are ethically sourced and will give your mind, body and spirit the peace and comfort you crave. Each piece is lovingly made in Los Angeles, where our staff receive a fair paying wage and proper working environments.


Throat Chakra: Relieves you from stress, thoughtlessness and an internal lack of integrity. Brings on a strong sense of courage and a loud confident voice that is understood by anyone.


One size fits all.

Best Care Instructions

Prior to your first wear and to get them looking their best after every wash, we suggest following these care instructions:

To protect the gemstones, turn the garments inside out before placing in laundry bag to wash. Then lay them flat or on a laundry rack to dry. Laying them flat instead of hanging will ensure they keep their intended shape, especially for the Robe. No one wants the dreaded “hanger shoulder” look!

After fully dried, they should be wrinkle free and ready to bring you a feeling of incomparable comfort, sexiness and empowerment. Care for your garments as you would any precious treasure and they will reward you with many occasions of joy and special support.

Made in USA

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