Welcome to The Honey Mud!

The much anticipated reformulated THE HONEY MUD by May Lindstrom Skin is on its way to you! We are so excited to finally share this luscious skin treat with you.
As promised, here's a breakdown on what’s changed from the original formula and what this means for The Honey Mud’s updated efficacy and your extraordinarily sensorial experience.
Get ready for some power enveloped in this cushy, luscious pudding. This gentle hero has been given a glow-inducing boost via the inclusion of a new and very special extract of wintergreen. This unique addition is the first 100% naturally-derived salicylic acid obtained from wintergreen leaves; an incredibly effective alternative to traditional synthetic salicylic acid.
It is normal with acid exfoliation to experience tingling and a temporary pinking of the skin, with an increase of heat and blood flow as fresh oxygen rushes to your cells. This is a good thing, and key to the magic ahead. Not everyone will experience this sensation or flush of colour, but many of you will. Don’t be nervous, get excited!
In the photos above, you can view three stages of The Honey Mud applied on May Lindstrom:
1. The Honey Mud applied as a pudding-like mask on dry skin (apply on wet skin to turn to a silky milk cleanser), then
2. Just after rinsing with skin flushed and circulation in full effect, and finally
3. When the rosiness fades, the glow and softness is revealed.
If you find that pinking or heat sensations persist beyond 15 minutes, reserve The Honey Mud for night-time use in these early weeks of introduction until your skin acclimates. This formula is especially beautiful before an early bedtime and long sleep, and for mornings you can ease into softly.
Note that pinking and heat sensations occur most frequently in skin that is sensitive, or recently exposed to the sun, exercise, temperature extremes, acids, retinol, or other strong topicals and exfoliants, and for individuals who have never, or rarely use, skin actives.
The Honey Mud was formulated for delicate skin and works in support of these conditions and in complement to your existing ritual. Over time you will find the flushing and pinking of the skin will rarely happen with consistent care of your skin.

Wintergreen Gives Oomph to The Honey Mud

While the name sounds cool and minty, May Lindstrom's Wintergreen extract is odourless and does not impede the magnificence of The Honey Mud's lush aromatics.
What results is an anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory compound ideal for gently purifying oily and breakout-prone skin, visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, easing redness and discomfort, decongesting clogged pores, and bringing a glow and radiance that surpasses even the beauty of the much-loved original formula.
Their wintergreen extract works similarly to beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) to target certain protein bonds in the skin and enhance the skin's natural shedding process. Natural salicylic acid helps to release dead skin not just on the surface, but also in the pore lining, where accumulation of pollution, makeup, and sunscreen mix with your natural oils and dead cells. Without effective exfoliation on both levels, skin may present as congested, dull, bumpy, rough, irritated, and simply lacking the glow of health. This buildup also impedes the effectiveness of all other products you use, blocking their delivery to your skin.

The Ritual

Milk or Pudding, Cleanser or Mask, you choose!
Massage a fat, blueberry-sized dollop into wet skin to emulsify into a gorgeous and silky cleansing milk, or smooth extra generously over clean, dry skin to do double duty as an enzyme masque.
Slow your breathing and massage your skin lovingly with the pads of your fingertips as you rinse The Honey Mud clear after cleansing or masking. We like to begin with warm water as skin softens and dead cells and pollution are released, completing with a final cool water rinse.
Immediately follow cleansing and masking sessions with The Blue Cocoon and/or The Youth Dew, massaged directly into the water on your skin after rinsing (skipping your towel entirely). Mist generously with The Jasmine Garden to saturate, press gently across face, neck, and décolleté, and your ritual is complete.
We can’t wait for you to experience this luscious, transformative, deliciousness.
Wishing you slow, deep, restorative breaths, and countless moments of beauty and glorious care ahead.
Joyce & Sharon
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