Rose Quartz Crystal Starter Kit


$35.00 SGD


Are you new to the world of crystals and want to learn more about crystals? Gift a good energy crystal to someone you care about. Our crystal starter kits are perfect for everyone.

What’s included in the Starter Kit:

  • 1 Cleansed & Charged Rose Quartz Crystal
  • 1 Sage Bundle
  • 1 Palo Santo stick
  • A positive mantra

Stone Qualities

Rose Quartz - A stone of Universal Love, Rose Quartz opens the heart to self, romantic, platonic & family love. Brings unconditional love, trust & harmony into relationships. Encourages forgiveness & helps let go of anger, resentment & jealousy.

Love Affirmations

"May LOVE always be your guiding compass.

I see LOVE, I feel LOVE, I am LOVE.

I am open to LOVE in all its form. Self-love, love for others & Universal love. I spread it around me & it abundantly reflects back.

I am pure in heart, clear in mind & sincere, kind in action."

SunMoonRain crystals are cleansed to rid the stones from any impurities or negativity as well as to rebalance and recharge the stones energies. We harbour the power of Mother Nature in our cleansing process and simply leave them outside overnight to bath in the moonlight and out in the morning to soak up the sun's positive energy. We recommend doing the same every now and then.

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