Valiant Bikini Brief


$54.00 SGD


Feel a little conservative while still feeling assertively sexy in a Valiant Bikini Brief that makes everyone feel good about their body. The Sacral Chakra opens with the Moonstone and takes away all lack of motivation. The Moonstone warms your spirit and encourages the inner connection between you and your purpose in life. Smoky Quartz opens the Root Chakra to quell any self-doubt, uneasiness or worry. It grounds your spirit, mind and body with an abundance of love and happiness.

Our Valiant Bikini Brief collection is made with eco-friendly fabrics and treated with plant based dyes to protect your skin. All gemstones are ethically sourced and will give your mind, body and spirit the peace and comfort you crave. Each piece is lovingly made in Los Angeles, where our staff receive a fair paying wage and proper working environments.


Sacral Chakra: Honours the Goddess in all women and improves the wearer’s self image. Cultivates creativity and joy.


Root Chakra: Promotes reproductive organ health while refining personal goals and dreams. Grounds your spirit, mind, and body with a sense of security and belonging.


S:   Hip 32-34"
M:  Hip 34-36"
L:   Hip 36-38"

Take measurement 2” below your hip bone as our waistband lays between the hip and upper thigh bone.

Best Care Instructions

Prior to your first wear and to get them looking their best after every wash, we suggest following these care instructions:

To protect the gemstones, turn the garments inside out before placing in laundry bag to wash. Then lay them flat or on a laundry rack to dry. Laying them flat instead of hanging will ensure they keep their intended shape, especially for the Robe. No one wants the dreaded “hanger shoulder” look!

After fully dried, they should be wrinkle free and ready to bring you a feeling of incomparable comfort, sexiness and empowerment. Care for your garments as you would any precious treasure and they will reward you with many occasions of joy and special support.

Made in USA

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