Introducing Tata Harper's NEW Clarifying Spot Solution

Blemishes, redness, inflammation, and breakouts don’t exclusively concern teens: anyone at any age can experience them, and it can be a struggle to find effective natural products that not only work but also nourish the skin. Hearing her clients' stories inspired Tata Harper to create the Clarifying Collection to address the concerns of women with blemish-prone skin at ALL ages, without aggressive ingredients that cause drying and irritation.

Many clients are already loving Tata Harper's Clarifying Moisturizer, which is specially formulated to diminish congestion and blemishes while nourishing and hydrating skin to help it feel balanced without oiliness. The latest addition to this collection, the NEW Clarifying Spot Solution, is the perfect partner for the Clarifying Moisturizer, and we know those with blemish-prone skin and anyone who experiences even the occasional imperfection will love it!

The Clarifying Collection is designed to be a different approach to blemishes. Traditional products are typically harsh and aggressive, and can cause over-drying, irritation, and peeling. These side effects are especially tough when you’re also concerned about aging, because dryness can emphasize lines and wrinkles. Instead, the Clarifying Collection targets blemishes, congestion and redness, while soothing and hydrating, so that the look of blemishes is reduced without damaging the skin.

The Clarifying Spot Solution's powerful yet gentle formula includes an impressive 35 high-performance ingredients:

Blemishes and congestion are targeted with Wintergreen Extract, which helps remove buildup from the surface of the skin, while the Clarifying Mineral Blend of copper, magnesium, and zinc helps simultaneously remove buildup and soothe skin. Broccoli Extract’s antioxidant properties calm skin and reduce the appearance of existing blemishes, and Tazman Pepper helps minimize the appearance of redness. To prevent new blemishes, Apple Seed Oil’s naturally high sulfur content helps soothe skin while reducing excess sebum. And, to maintain a healthy balance, Sea Buckthorn nourishes skin with nutrients, vitamins, and fatty acids.

For those of us seeking to reduce blemishes, congestion and buildup while still soothing and nourishing the skin, this is an effective solution that’s still gentle enough to use day and night, without worrying about irritation or dryness.

Credit: Tata Harper Blog